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April 15th, 2009, 07:38 PM
Hi all!

I've tried to check around for an answer to this one, but couldn't find any that said: "ITS ME YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!". Sorry if someone has asked\replied on this one before.

I'm not going to hide this fact: I am a complete ubuntu (anything but windows actually) noob.

I got to this point: I actually managed to partitionate my disk, somehow install it and it worked(!) But unly the first time I ran it. Second time it got to a menu of some sort, I cant recall exactly, but I think it said something about installation. I put in the Live CD, and figured I would install it again. Here it comes:

1) How does I know what partition to install it on? I got some trouble with "choosing a rot system" or something. It could be written in marsian for my sake.
2) How can I install it on one of the partions , and be sure it leaves the win. part. alone? (how does I tell the difference between the ubuntu and win. part.?)

There was my first questions, now I got a new one. I descided to shoot in the dark when it came to installing properly, but when I tried to boot from the CD it said:
"error 1: Filename must be an absolute pathname or blocklist"

3) What on eart does that mean?

Thanks in advance. (Hope you got my questions)

Sincerly, The New Linux Noob...

April 15th, 2009, 08:46 PM
welcome to the forums

here is a video tutorial, i hope it helps, it basically explains how to dual boot with windows.

you must defrag your hard drive first before this procedure.


there is another way to install ubuntu inside windows, you will then be able to uninstall it from add and remove programs if you get sick of it, it's call wubi.


i hope this information was helpful.

April 15th, 2009, 08:51 PM
when you're in windows you can see how much of the disk you're using

defrag windows so it's clean on it's partition

when you're installing ubuntu install to the partition that is not the size of the windows one - you know this is the clean partition

ubuntu allows you install all to one partition as it's simpler for beginners

as you install you're requested to enter a root password and confirm and then to create a user and password for that user. when you use ubuntu you will use as the user you created and not as root. when you want to do stuff as root (administrator in windows) type sudo at the command line before a command to do something as the superuser (root)

god luck with this, there's plenty to learn but you'll get great help in these forums