View Full Version : [ubuntu] Use preferred applications

Rodrigo Queiroz
April 13th, 2009, 02:08 PM
I am writing a program that opens several types of documents, of different extensions.

I tried to use /etc/mime.types and /etc/mailcap to open a document file associated to its extension.

When you associate a file extension with a preferred application on Ubuntu file manager (or even when you select the preferred browser), Ubuntu is not updating or using the /etc/mailcap.

So I can`t use the same preferred application user selected on Ubuntu GUI to open document files with their associated extension on my application. mailcap never has the same application associated with Ubuntu GUI, if it has any.

Does anyone know how can I find where Ubuntu stores the preferred applications? Is there any default Linux API for that, instead of mailcap?

Rodrigo Queiroz