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January 15th, 2005, 06:22 AM
You DON'T post questions in the HOWTO / FAQ forum. You find the appropriate forum or sub-forum for your question and post it there. The HOWTO / FAQ forum is only for posting HOWTOs and FAQs.

June 10th, 2009, 12:53 AM
hello, i am very new to ubuntu and seeking help..
i have acer aspire 4520 machine, vista ultimate pre-installed and dual boot ubuntu studio 8.04 i installed. I installed Sun Virtual Box in ubuntu studio 8.04, inside virtual box i installed XP SP3 till then my broadband was working in host ubuntu studio 8.04 was working fine. but as i tried to install ethernet driver in virtual box XP, my host os' inetnet not working ....... please some one help to solve this!

September 22nd, 2009, 07:02 AM
I am very new to this forum ...?? I am using ubuntu 9.04 I do not know how can I use my flash drive in the terminal ...???

plz help...??

I do not even know where should I post my questions about Ubuntu ...??

February 22nd, 2010, 12:42 AM
Looking to install Glade version 2 rather then version 3.
How can I do that in Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Kola. :)