View Full Version : [ubuntu] Opacity in Die Hard theme

April 11th, 2009, 01:09 PM
All of the threads i've found for this are out dated. If theres a current thread for this topic then my bad. lol.

I have compiz and emerald and i've installed this theme http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=66714&forumpage=0
But i can't seem to do anything with transparency using compiz. I've found the option to edit it in opacity/saturation/brightness but changing it doesn't do anything. Theres an option to specify windows but i don't know whats what. can someone tell me step by step what i'd have to do to get transparency like in the theme? thanks.

problem solved. I can adjust opacity of particular windows with alt+mouse wheel. but i'd still look to know how to edit it from compiz so feel free ^_^

problem solved again. lol. just so this thread isn't a complete waste, to anyone who can't get compiz to add transparency-
I was confused because all walkthroughs i found said to go to general options then opacity tab. but in my version there is no opacity tab. So in the current compiz fusion, go accessibility-opacity, saturation, and brightness. Then click new, move the slider to the opacity you want (prob between 80 and 95) then click the plus sign and click the grab button and simply click on the application you want to apply it to. I haven't found a way to just make the entire system transparent, only individual applications, but ohwell. hope that helps someone!

also, to make menus transparent, after creating a new setting, instead of hitting the + just paste this
Tooltip | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu and set the opacity.