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April 10th, 2009, 08:53 PM
Hello world,

Ultra X Linux is Debian based and is the long removed step child of UBUNTU. I used many features and packages from UBUNTU in the creation of Ultra X Linux. Ultra X Linux is fast and stable even for BETA1. You can still use the UBUNTU library with Ultra X Linux as there is no Library as of yet. Ultra X Linux is in the final release stages, we are creating the live CD and Installer. Once complete Ultra X Linux will be available for download at http://ultraxlinux.org . The Ultra X Linux kernel is fast and stable and packed full of accessories without eating up valuable disk space. Ultra X Linux install is smaller than Ubuntu's install at the moment, but that can change once we start adding cool APP's and packages. Ultra X Linux also comes with a cool new feature: how many of you ever experienced the all annoying .XO-lock error and similar bugs? Ultra X Linux has a new feature called tmpclear; tmp clear starts along with the system boot clears var, old packages, old kernel junk and tmp files: such as .X0-lock. For those of you who would like to develop Ultra X Linux it comes standard with reconstructor and remastersys. Ultra X Linux comes standard with compiz advanced Desktop effects and tons of cool stuff.


We are currently looking for help with the following: blog admins, forum moderators, web site admins, BETA testers and more. If you are intreseted in getting invovled in this new cool Distro email me at admin@ultraxlinux.org .

Thank you,
Chris Paradise

Ultra X Linux

April 10th, 2009, 09:21 PM
FINALLY! A new Ubuntu-based distro to try!

April 28th, 2009, 08:22 PM
Ultra X Linux has been released. Ultra X Linux V1.3 BETA1 is available for download at http://ultraxlinux.org
The ultraxlinux.org site has undergone some changes and growth: we now offer UltraSpace "forums, blogs RSS feeds and more" We have online chat and our new pride and joy; Ultra Arcade "with over 500 games for ultra x users to kick back and unwind. We offer a quick reference guide to help with a quick stable install. We are in the process of rolling out a online knowledge base to further assist the users. For now you can find help in the forums at ultraspace.

ultrax download: http://ultraxlinux.org/download.html
ultraspace: http://ultraxlinux.org/forum
ultrax wiki: http://ultraxlinux.org/wikepage
ultrax chat: http://ultraxlinux.org/chat
ultrax blog: http://ultraxlinux.org/Blog/
ultrax RSS: http://ultraxlinux.org/feeds/rssfeed1.xml