View Full Version : [all variants] Howto install Ununtu with BIOS RAID 0, dual boot.

April 10th, 2009, 05:01 PM
I have build a new rig following the AMD platform technology codename "Dragon". At beginning working with a discrete GPU HD-3450 as an affordable ATI's Hybrid Graphics solution, but when it does work in Linux, it doesn't in vista64 and the other way around. Upgraded GPU to HD-3870 and added set of bios RAID 0. The "conventional" Ubuntu install CD didn't see the RAID 0 drives as "one" drive, so no way to do it.

The thing is that I'd been playing around with different Linux distros for years and for the most of them, with Ubuntu. So of course I love Linux (Ubuntu). Never before I'd been paying attention to others way to install Ubuntu that the regular one. Searching I found that there is a possibility to solve this RAID 0 puzzle with the "alternate" install. The other thing is that it happen to me to screwed-up many times my vista install swiping away hours of configuration, all of this trying so badly to get back into the Ubuntu's world, that now I'm afraid to render the vista64 partition inaccessible again. Software like Gparted, Super Grub, Acronis didn't help either.

This time it takes at least a 99% chances of success before trying any "How To" install Ununtu with BIOS RAID 0, dual boot.

Somebody here knows a "proved How To" install Ununtu with BIOS RAID 0, dual boot, when vista64 is already installed?

Thanks in advance.

April 11th, 2009, 05:39 PM
OK, I was unable to keep waiting for advise in this case, and I went for it with the Ubuntu's "Alternate" install. It seems to be a lot better than other ways I'd been trying. Above all it found RAID 0 as one drive which was already divided in two partitions, half reserved to vista and the other half as free/available space which one is to be used for Ubuntu. And the best thing, Grub is up and running in the MBR showing both OS.

But!!... When choosing Ubuntu 8.10 don't go farther than a blinking white hyphen in a black screen that stays like this forever. Nothing else, no messages, no errors, nothing, and no Ubuntu.
It is to remark here that during installation process everything went normal, no one indication of something going wrong. I think Ubuntu is there installed, but something is missing to tell it to boot up.

Please, any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.