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April 9th, 2009, 06:07 PM

I'm looking for a good and featured-filled application for keeping a record and keeping tack of collections.

For books, for Movies, for Audio albums, for TV series, for anime mainly.

Basic features I'm looking for:

Can export to HTML and CSV for spreadsheet
Optional: Can export to TXT and document (DOC; odt)
Optional: Cross-platform to WinXP
Can pull-out metadata like Cover Photo; Year released or Year of Premier; id3 tags; and other basic info (basic meaning, actor info or song lyrics not required for example)
Is also a tracking application, have "check-out", "check-in", "borrowed by", etc.
Well, must be a FLOSS app (and free-of-charge as well; but commercial FLOSS products are welcome)
provides those above as existing/default templates + the ability to add fields and create new templates

Is there one that can satisfy most if-not-all of the above?

Thank you!

What's the general name of these type of apps? "Collections DB" or something?

April 9th, 2009, 07:05 PM
I think Stuffkeeper might suit your needs:


April 9th, 2009, 07:15 PM
I use Tellico (http://periapsis.org/tellico/) for my book collection (it has some KDE dependencies, though).

You might also check out QCstar (http://www.gcstar.org/index.en.php), but I've never used it myself.

Yannick Le Saint kyncani
April 9th, 2009, 07:39 PM
Yes, there is gcstar for gnome and tellico for kde.

April 15th, 2009, 04:07 AM
Thanks guys!

Tested all suggestions :D Thank you very much for the help!