View Full Version : [kubuntu] Dual Video Cards - Multiple Monitors

April 9th, 2009, 05:01 AM
Hello, I am new to using kubuntu and have had it installed and running for a few days now. I have been reading countless threads and postings and tried various attempts from within the GUI to set this up but no luck.

Basically I have two video cards and 3 monitors I am trying to run. Obviously in windows its plug and play download nvidia drivers and voila its all set in under 5 minutes. But when attempting this in linux I download the Nvidia drivers and get locked out of the GUI all together. When attempting to install (4 different NVIDIA drivers within Kubuntu) after each install the system restarts and boots into a terminal all text screen and does not allow boot into the GUI. It says unable to resume image. (I have had to reinstall kubuntu 7 times so far attempting different installs of the drivers.

Heres the setup:
GeForce 8800 GTS (Two monitors connected 1DVI and 1VGA)
GeForce 6600 GT (1VGA currently / waiting for cord in mail and will have 1 additional DVI hooked to this shortly)
AMD 64 Dual Core 4000+
3GB Ram

Newest kubuntu 32bit install + all updates (Do NOT currently have NVIDIA drivers installed as i am unable to utilize GUI with it installed - and have no clue what commands I need to use within terminal to get this working)

Everything I have read so far indicates that I need to edit the xorg.conf in order to get this to work. SO if someone can please give me instructions on how to edit this file within kubuntu it would be greatly appreciated.