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April 9th, 2009, 03:35 AM
Hey everyone, just like to query something, this has been nagging me for a while now.

About 4 months ago, I made an investment the Netgear Rangemax Router, and the matching USB Network Adapter (WPN111). Now this configeration works perfectly on windows, no drop outs, and a GREAT boost in range, opposed to the old card (WG311) I was using.

In Ubuntu however, I can NOT seem to configure this device correctly. Now my old (and current on Ubuntu) wireless card, has no linux drivers, and a non Atheros chip, so I set it up with Ndiswrapper a while ago, it works fine. Sure the signal is weak compared to the WPN111, but at least it works. Now I uninstalled this card completely a while ago, even did a complete re-install of NDiswrapper, and attempted to install the new WPN111 via NDiswrapper.

The device connects after modprobing it, and works FLAWLESSLY for about 10-20 minutes, or what seems to be a random interval of time (could be related to heavy usage, eg. When I'm downloading a file), before dropping out COMPLETELY. Both WiCD and Network Manager can no longer connect to the network until I do a complete reboot of the PC, where on restart, it works fine again for its random interval of time.

I have tried every WPN111 guide out there, and they all WORK, but none eliminate this drop out problem. Eventually I just gave up and re-installed my WG311 on ndiswrapper again.

Nonetheless, being slightly OCD (aren't all ubuntu users?) I have the urge to get this thing working, as most of the time I boot in ubuntu, but for large downloads, I've been forced to use Windows so I can get the best download speed, using the WPN111.

So has anybody experienced similar issues with their wireless card, or have a possible solution to get this thing up and running? The 10 minutes I have before a reboot are amazing, the speed is about twice as fast as windows, but I just can't even complete a download.

Thanks in advance

June 25th, 2009, 09:18 PM
You should try install new Ubuntu 8.10 or you can try 9.04, much faster.

I used liveCD 9.04 with wpn111, no drop. no hiccup, no reboot. 5 hours now.

See all my troubles at


Fresh install and format partition, make it works.

Please let us know if it work for you.