View Full Version : [ubuntu] please help Audio Problem

April 8th, 2009, 09:43 PM

I am really new to Ubuntu and was curious. all seems to be working ok except for my sound. I do get sound and the drivers are fine but my problem is Im not getting full surround sound. when I use windows I have to use some realtech software called sound manager to allow my sound ports (where I plug my speakers in) to be converted to 5.1 surround as my sound card I don't believe is a true surround sound card. It allows me to change the mic jack to my sub woofer jack etc. I guess what I am wondering if there is a way this can be done with Ubuntu or with some other software that will do the same. if anyone knows that would be great.

thanks for any help

PS the driver is AC97 in windows and again I do get sound but only in stereo not in surround