View Full Version : [other] Laptop wiring question

April 8th, 2009, 09:30 PM
Long story short, my girls laptop had a broken jack, the pin broke. So i opened it up to use a workaround i have done a bunch of times. i use the heavy suty male and female plus like what are on quality rc car batteries.

I soldered the one end to the laptops wiring, closed it all up no big deal. Now the problem. Her laptop brick died a few months back (i hate toshiba...) so she bought a universal Targus Apa10. I cut the end off to put the new end to match the new laptop end, and theres 4 wires. I'm used to having a positive and a negative.

This has a red positive, a thin blue wire, a thin brown wire, all three wrapped around a braided core. My buddy said to hook red to red, obviously, and solder the negative on the new plug to the braided core/sheilding, so i did.

The laptop is getting enough power to produce a slight tick from the fan, very faint. So im 99% sure its not getting the right voltage because the blue and brown wires were ignored.

For the life of me i cant figure out what these two wires are for, but im confident this is wired incorrectly.

Here is a really bad photo of the current wiring. Any ideas?