View Full Version : [all variants] Ubuntu finding and using only one CPU in a dual-core system (possibly ACPI-related)

April 7th, 2009, 11:05 PM

I'm helping my sister migrate to Linux, and I decided to install Ubuntu on her Packard Bell Easynote laptop. The computer is using an Intel Pentium Dual CPU apparently called "T2310", but Ubuntu fails to find the second CPU core and is therefore effectively only using half the computer's potential processing power.

I have been trying to find a solution on these forums and elsewhere, but to no avail. I do, however, strongly suspect that this problem might be connected to the ACPI-related issues I had during installation, which made it impossible to complete the installation unless I used an option called "ACPI workarounds". It is my understanding that ACPI is quite essential in order to utilize more than one CPU.

I should add that this is certainly not an Ubuntu-specific issue, as I have tried several Live CD Distributions in the hope that I might find a distribution that would work (Debian, Mandriva, openSUSE & Puppy Linux), but in neither of them did I manage to get the computer to find both CPUs.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a way to fix this, or will I have to send my sister back to Vista?

I realize it might be impossible to answer this question without more information, and I will of course provide whatever information is deemed relevant by anyone who finds it in her/his heart to offer their help.

With friendly greetings from Norway,

April 11th, 2009, 02:16 PM