View Full Version : [ubuntu] scim won't work on startup, causes xsession fail

April 7th, 2009, 12:21 PM
I tried to install SCIM to my computer to be able to have chinese input,
at a page which discussed it, and I don't have the link for that thread

anyway, after restarting, if causes to prompt an error that xsession faile to start in less than 10 seconds
and when I open the details I see that it says , it couldn't open scim, and also it couldn't find startxgl.sh in usr/local/bin
I created a empty file in that place, but now it says permission denied
i am completly new, I totaly gave up using scim, but if there were a way which I could remove its command lines from xsession (I don't know where this file is!) it could also solve my problem

bythe way, as also suggested in prompt, I can easily use failsafe method!