View Full Version : [ubuntu] Manually replacing driver on b43

April 6th, 2009, 11:11 PM
Hello all,

First time posting so I will be as detailed as possible.

I am running ubuntu 8.10 it installed great(Installed all updates) and the wireless worked right off the bat which is strange considering its a dell 1390 broadcom 4311 rev 2. The problem I am having is when I pull up the information on the wireless card it says CHIPSET unknown and driver :wl. but it works and connects to the internet....

I am trying to run aircrack-ng and from what I have read I need the b43 driver (doesn't 8.10 come with this already?) to be able to support packet injection?

I do not want to try the ndswrapper like 20000 others I want to be able to support packet injection so I can gather ivs faster..

SO PLEASE IN english .

How would I go about replacing the wl driver to the 43xx driver....? links and command help would be awesome since this is my second month on linux..

P.S I have read every thing on this forum have tried several different methods to no avail...It always says chipset unknown driver wl