View Full Version : 'require': no such file to load -- rubygems (LoadError)

April 6th, 2009, 07:57 PM
I'm trying to learn web scraping with ruby and I've installed both the rubygems and rubygems1.8 packages but when I try to run my code I get this error:

TweetScrape.rb:3:in `require': no such file to load -- rubygems (LoadError)
from TweetScrape.rb:3

here's the code:

#!/bin/user/env ruby

require 'rubygems'
require 'scrubyt'

# Simple exmaple for scraping basic
# information from a public Twitter
# account.

# Scrubyt.logger = Scrubyt::Logger.new

twitter_data = Scrubyt::Extractor.define do
fetch 'http://www.twitter.com/cashdollaz'

profile_info '//ul[@class="about vcard entry-author"]' do
full_name "//li//span[@class='fn']"
location "//li//span[@class='adr']"
website "//li//a[@class='url']/@href"
bio "//li//span[@class='bio']"

puts twitter_data.to_xml

I've even restarted since I installed those packages. Any help is appreciated.

April 7th, 2009, 03:27 AM
I forgot to add I'm using the 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope beta (using Geany if that helps too):popcorn:

April 7th, 2009, 12:40 PM
I don't know about Jaunty, but I had problems with the RubyGems version in the Intrepid repositories, so I installed the last version from the source code (http://rubygems.org/read/chapter/3).

April 7th, 2009, 05:21 PM
Thanks for the idea Daniel. I installed ruby gems from the source but it still wouldn't work. I tried running Geany as root and it can load gems that way so it must be some sort of permission problem. :mad: