View Full Version : [ubuntu] Error - I/0 cannot read boot CD.

April 6th, 2009, 06:59 PM
i've made my boot CD and positive i've made it correctly, but onece i boot from it and select any option, (like run ubuntu without any change to your computer) it will do nothing for 5 minutes, then i get error I/0 - cannot read boot CD, then i have to reboot.

im not sure what the problem is... ive done everything to make it right...

-i've burnt at the lowest speed possible (4x - is it still to fast?)
-i've checked the MD5SUM, it is a match.
-i downloaded ubuntu 8.10, 32bit --should i try 64? i thought 32 works with all computers.
-my computer isn't really old, its 2.5 years old, 512mb ram, 160gb hard drive +500gb external

ANYTHING else i can do?
i wouldn't like waiting 6-10 weeks for ubuntu to ship me one.
i'd like to get this working if possible, any suggestions?