View Full Version : [ubuntu] Strange key behavior in Interprid

April 6th, 2009, 05:56 PM
I am working with a fresh install of Intrepid on a Dell Latitude D820. Everything works great except some strange behavior of the right arrow key. For example, in my text editor (Geany), I will press Ctrl right arrow and the cursor will properly advance to the next word. Or sometimes it will open a new window or place random characters in the text buffer. I've run xev and had the right arrow key properly return keycode 114 on release and run it seconds later and return some ASCII art.
There seem to be similar issues on the forums but no exact match. And this computer is new (to me at least) and could be an intermittent hardware problem. Alas, very strange. Help of any sort would be greatly appreciated. Not a show stopper, just quite annoying!