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Buckfast Bulletmagnet
April 6th, 2009, 12:07 PM
Hi everybody ....
I'm a total n00b, had an XP crash about a month ago and thought blegh, why not, installed Heron pretty easy, upgraded to Intrepid, had the usual teething malarky with nvidia and sound drivers for my "exotic" sound card (dmx 6/fire) but, bar stupidly high pings playing CSS through wine???? am pretty happy and playing less (none basically)css which keeps my gf happy :). Have upgraded to Jaunty now and wow, if it actually seems to be running better and more stable than intrepid so am loving it and basically its all down to the great stuff i've been trawling through on the forums that have helped me get everything tuned up and sweet so THANKS EVERYBODY. Right anyway, i have an EMAC from work that used to hold our itunes library and little else but it has a habit of crashing v.v.frequently so i thought, wtf, i'll whack UBUNTU on the EMAC cos i'm so chuffed with it on my home tower rig and see if it seems stable. So anyway, it won't boot from either the heron .iso cd or the jaunty, presumably cos its ppc not intel? I don't really know.... i just like stumbling along with stuff thats often way over my head but..........DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PUT UBUNTU (or another easy? distro) ON AN EMAC? I think i already know the answer to this (its NO isn't it). I thought about opening it up and wiping the disk via another machine and trying an install . I know nothing about Mac's BIOS and i don't really wanna poke around inside it (although i fancy a go at discharging a CRT just for the hell of it) and i know people will go, oh why do you wanna put linux on a mac anyway (i've got no systems disk) um, well, just because O.K. Thanks. I PROMISE I WILL MAKE ALL SUBSEQUENT POSTS SHORTER. and not just rabble on......Thanks


April 6th, 2009, 12:14 PM

Buckfast Bulletmagnet
April 7th, 2009, 09:03 AM
Wow. Thanks v. much (i looked and looked and looked for similar) but anyway, it led me to the right .iso and bang, JAUNTY's up and running on the EMAC. Lets see how long it takes to mess it up. Brilliant.