View Full Version : [ubuntu] after upgrade - what has happened to my win Shares?

April 4th, 2009, 12:09 AM
I have ubuntu 8.04 and I can no longer mount shared folders on windows machines on my lan

This used to work under 7.04

I am certain about a proper login & password

I can "see" the machines
Places > network > windows Network
and i see wORKGROUP ( so far so good )
I can go into Workgroup - i can 'see' a given machine
and if I click on one of those - I can "see" the shares
If i clck on a share i get a login passwd challenge ( here is where things go wrong )

I enter USERNAME & Password and get a

Unable to Mount location

Failed to mount windows share

It seems like the auth is diffrent or something... dunno ( but i used to work) note i can still Mount my ( local attched NTFS , w NTFS conf tool ) win drive -- but that is a very diffrent situation.

How can I get to those windows shares?