View Full Version : [ubuntu] USB sticks fixed but unetbootin wont work

April 2nd, 2009, 10:52 PM
Hi all

Well it's been a long day here :( Firstly I have lost sound in 8.10 all of a sudden and it's dual boot buddy jaunty failed on an update, screwed up and fell over dead!

So not panicking I bided my time dismantled my now old dead XP laptop removing the cd-rw/dvd unit and the HDD having removed some files I needed to keep. Then I start to work on my Linux baby's.

So I attempt to use unetbootin on my PC which has 8.04 OS on it. DL the Linux version and fire it up to fit 9.04 up on a stick and then easypeasy2 on another stick.

Now having set the permission of unet' It starts up by giving me a pop up which says it needs p7zip????? I hit the OK button then the unetbootin GUI appears.

I select my ISO (which has been used before) and set unet to work...... in point 2 of a second it's done it......that is not right and in fact it hasn't.

First off I eventually sort out the fact that my memory sticks are a bit up the creek. I sort them out with gparted and try again. This time I manage to install the ISO's to the sticks properly. Except my eeepc wont boot from them.........

In a desperate move I boot the eeepc up into 8.10 transfer the images from my PC to the eeepc and use 8.10's create usb startup. This has worked with no problem at all!

So what am I or may I be doing wrong with the unetbootin-linux-319 DL that I attempted to use? Previously I had used the unetbootin for windows on my, now, dead XP laptop with great success.

All I want to do at the end of the day is re-install 8.10 and 9.04 on my eeepc so I have them working again (jaunty I expect there to be issues as it's beta)