View Full Version : [all variants] OTR and switching Desktop-Environments or Clients

April 1st, 2009, 11:25 AM

I was wondering if any solution to the problem of your 'buddies' slowly running into a memory-problem made of OTR keys that exist for all my clients/os combinations. :D

I like chatting, and thus jabber and icq (for those stubborn old friends) are used on:
Ubuntu (everyday computing + eve-online)
Kubuntu/beta (my playground)
Windows XP (gaming and some work-related-fun)
Windows Vista (work !"%$)

Now as I am searching for a proper chat-client thus switching alot (still with pidgin but the later kopete versions look tempting) AND having multiple computers AND using OTR I get an annoying bunch of keys.

Could someone tell me what to cp to my usb-stick? (read below about worries)
kopete <=> Pidgin
Linux <=> Windows
( x <=> y )

I thought about finding the files and doing a little shell-script that eases the copying. On the other hand, this is sensitive information, that no one else is supposed to get their hands on, is it not?

Has anyone else the same issues? Knows a smooth solution?

Thanks, and have a great day.