View Full Version : Thanks for the help Ubuntu sweatshirt guy...

March 31st, 2009, 06:32 PM
So I was at my local Costco on Sunday picking up a new tv.

I needed a hand picking up this big 55 inch TV box, and when I looked up there was a gentleman in a brown Ubuntu hoodie standing there. After a quick "Hey, nice shirt!", he helped me out with lifting the TV.

I salute you Mr. Brown Ubuntu Hoodie Wearer!

Thanks again.

As a funny sidenote, the reason I needed help to begin with is that my wife didn't liek the box (had some tears on it) on the original set I grabbed, so I had to maneuver TWO 55 inchers around. The funny part is that the one we switched TO was actually defective and I have to go back to return it.