View Full Version : [ubuntu] usplash, initrd.img and BIOS splash.

March 31st, 2009, 04:04 PM
I use HP/COMPAQ 2500 Series Laptop (whose display is broken) as a Desktop using VGA monitor. It has ATI RADEON IGP 345M card.

I have Ubuntu Hardy Heron Cli+LXDE. Initially I did not have usplash. Subsequently I installed ubuntu-usplash-theme.

When you install usplash it updates /boot/initrd.img

I also have other Linux Distributions on the hard drive and some of them also have usplash themes.

Ubuntu Hardy LXDE is the default installation.

When I started one fine morning the secondary monitor did not display the BIOS splash and remained on standby till GDM Login Screen appeared. After googling I discovered that it is some thing related to usplash. That time the Ubuntu installation did not have any usplash. That is when I installed ubuntu-usplash-theme and I could see the BIOS splash, Grub screen and Ubuntu splash during the boot process.

This problem has repeated once again and I had to remove ubuntu-usplash-theme and the BIOS splash and the boot time text appeared once again. I have re-installed ubuntu-usplash-theme once again and it is working fine.

I don't know the cause of the problem (it may be Ubuntu or other Linux Distribution) but I know the solution. I re-install Ubuntu splash which re-writes initrd.img.

I can understand the monitor not showing the Grub splash or Ubuntu splash but don't understand why it does not show BIOS splash.

Can the settings in initrd.img affect BIOS splash?