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March 30th, 2009, 10:40 PM
I'm making a calibration program for webcams using qt integrated into eclipse, and using the opencv libraries. This program needs to be compiled to mac/windows/linux, but I only have the project on a linux environment.

I've searched google, trolltechs documentation and ubuntuforums, but I can't find any information on how to compile from, for instance, linux, making an .exe release of the program, as well as linux and mac executables.

Can anyone help me with a quick(?) howto on how this is done? I it's possible, since the Trolltech representatives said so themselves (They're co-developers of Qt, so they should know, hehe).
If possible, I'd like to know how to setup the settings directly within eclipse as I've gotten a bit lazy when it comes to using the terminal...:(

Before anyone suggests using Java, it's an impossibility, since java can't communicate with the opencv libraries. I've already done the research on that.

Help is much appreciated

I'm currently running:
-Qt 4.4
-Eclipse Ganymede with CDT
-opencv 1.0
if this helps.