View Full Version : Looping video start-up

March 30th, 2009, 01:58 PM
I'm using fluxbox and I found out that I can set commands to play sound and video upon starting fluxbox. First I used a sound (the one from LOST you hear when the big LOST word comes up) to play while the other programs are loading.
Then I realized I can put a video, some kind of animation. My idea is to play something while the programs load, and when the video is over, to be welcomed to a completely loaded and ready to use desktop. Mplayer has cli options to start in fullscreen, on top of all other windows, and looping - just perfect.
Now all I need is some loading animation, or other cool video. Bonus points if the video can be seamlessly looped. Thanks. :)
I wonder, can something like this be done in Gnome/KDE? It can certainly look very cool.