View Full Version : [ubuntu] could not access the cd, please make sure...

March 30th, 2009, 01:43 AM
getting the following error during install inside windows. "could not access the cd, please make sure other applications are not using it and try again."

have tried on multiple computers and re downloaded and burned .iso twice from different locations. have no problems running Ubuntu off the cd's. Has anyone experienced this error before? have also tried burning iso at slowest speeds possible. any other alternatives for install?

EDIT: Added info..
I found that by booting to the Live CD and installing from there I was able to install but when computer restarted I got a Grub boot error 18 and was not able to boot into Windows Xp aswell as Ubuntu. I think I'll try to re-install again! Do you need to use a seperate boot loader application to be able to list Ubuntu and Win Xp in the boot menu or should the boot loader that comes with Ubuntu take care of that?