View Full Version : Porblem with Diablo 1. Help!

March 29th, 2009, 04:10 PM
Hello! Stay awhile and listen!

I am planning to play Diablo II on LAN at Easter, and have played Diablo 1 in a week or something to be done with it before the LAN starts. But when I got to level 8 in the dungeon (I think it was level 8) I suddenly got this error message: Please instert the Diablo CD "(or something in like that). I checked my disk, which had received some scratches. I tried to polish it, but get the same error message. When I press "Cancel" instead of "OK" I get the following message (forgive the poor quality):


I then borrows a friends (almost) flawless CD, but the same thing happens again. How can I fix this? If the only option is to reinstall, it is possible to retain previous save games? If yes, how?