View Full Version : [ubuntu] Audacity Blowup on Export of joined file

March 29th, 2009, 04:17 AM
Using Hardy w/ Audacity 1.3.4, now tried 1.3.5. Both Blow up when I try try to export a file resulting from copying and pasting multiple files into a project to make a single larger complete file. (They're portions of a lecture that I want to store & list as a single lecture)
It was first noticed when I would try to join the 5th or 6th file and then export. I found that when I exported before doing the whole project, it stayed running. Now, I'm stuck trying to save the first combined project of only two 6min lectures.
Anyone run into this?
I appreciate your thoughts.

Update: I found a work-around that enables continued use. It makes me think there is an issue w/ the code not releasing memory of closed out files.
If I join two files, export. All is well. If I then try to open a 3rd file, join, export - blowup.
If I join two, export, close program altogether, then reopen and join one more file, it works. Any further attempts at multiple joins, OR if I don't completely close the program in between join attempts, its toast.