View Full Version : [kubuntu] how to get vuyou.com tokbox.com etc to work

March 28th, 2009, 06:19 PM
how to get vuyou.com tokbox.com etc. to work
This is how to get vuyou.com and/or tokbox to work in kubuntu linux.

First, get vuyou to work in Windows. Then copy the .sol file that was created in Windows to your linux box.

The Windows (Vista) "sol" file will be found in the following directory (my user name is Ralph, BTW):

Ralph/AppData/Roaming/Macromedia/Flash Player/macromedia.com/support/flashplayer/sys/#www.vuyou.com/settings.sol

Copy the "settings.sol" file to the following ubuntu directory (create the directory if it doesn't exist).