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January 1st, 2006, 04:53 AM
i like podcasts, i was hoping people could name afew they like to listen too (doesn't have to be Linux) though experience from other forums has shown me not many people listen to them. :(

either download or put the URL into your media player and tell it to play


LugRadio is a fortnightly British radio show that takes a relaxed, humorous look at Linux and open source.

Note: language may offend some.

Linux Australia Update

Are You a Geek
i'm just listening to it for the first time and it seems OK

LinuxQuestions.org Podcast

The Linux Link Tech Show

The Linux Link Tech Show was Started in September 2003 by the founders of the Lehigh Valley Linux User Group. Our goal is to provide a weekly *live* webcasted radio style show about GNU/Linux and Technology. So far we've been doing very well with it!

techPhile podcast
not about Linux but he uses it :razz: if you look on the left there's alot more podcasts and some good video casts too e.g. HAK.5 they're not really Linux but they a good to watch/listen to

here's the top tech podcast again not about Linux.
This Week in Tech
here's TWIT - This Week in Tech hosted by Leo Laporte he does afew podcasts and i'm not sure exactly where the TWIT home page is so here's a link to the show plus some others from Leo Laporte.
atm you can listen to the Steve Wozniak one by clicking TWiT 35: Woz and downloading or putting the url straight into your media player.

Go Open
this one is a show which was on Australian TV i think made by Mark Shuttleworth you've probably heard of this one.
and the direct download page if you are having torrent problems