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March 26th, 2009, 11:31 PM

Just really quickly, I wanted to see if anyone can explain what I'm experiencing or help me diagnose/explain it...

I downloaded the "Where the Wild Things Are" 1080p movie trailer from Apple.com. I played it on my NON media PC, which has an embedded Intel 950 video card
2gb of FREE RAM (4GB total)
a 1.86GHz Intel Core2 Duo processorIt played great and used about 50% of ONE (1) processor core during playback. I was like "Cool", so I tried to go play it on my system hooked up to my 1080p TV...

...not so good. This PC has an nVidia 8500(something) graphics card
1.5GB of FREE RAM (3GB total)
a 2.2GHz single core AMD Athalon64This one used 100% of the single processor and played EXTREMELY choppy in Totem, MPlayer, VLC and played comparably more smoothly in ffplay, but the sound would cut in and out.

Both computers are running similarly configured Ubuntu 8.10 x86_64
Both Computers were otherwise idle at the time of playback

Is my media PC not powerful enough to do it?
Could there be a software configuration difference causing this?
Could the different chip be causing it?
WHY dows my processor max out on the supposedly faster core?

I just think it's strange that the one with the better graphics card, and which usually performs better on all benchmarks (except memory speed) runs slower.

Thanks to anyone who can help! I really want my "Media" PC to be able to do this kind of (not so) heavy lifting.



March 27th, 2009, 12:51 AM
HD videos can be VERY taxing on a cpu. you really need dual core or better to get good performance watching HD. that's the simple explanation.