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March 26th, 2009, 03:34 PM
Hi everyone!

I just delivered my new notebook Toshiba Tecra R10-10W. It was pre-installed with Vista, but I would like to use Ubuntu and XP.
I made 5 partitions (1 ntfs xp, 2 - test maybe later on Mac OS, 3 extended, 5 - ext3 ubuntu, 6 fat32 data).
For the first look the system semms to be ok.
I was using Ubuntu quite a time, but all the time there was something wat was not working 100% for me, but now I decided to install all the stuff for it - in between maybe learn linux a bit. Wright now I an using GNOME but also some KDE applications (like K3b, Ktorrent).

:) What is working:
Bluetooth, network, wifi, sound, SD card reader, ... and maybe a lot of thing what I did not recognize/mentioned here

:( What is not working - hardware stuff:
Suspend and hibernate - after suspend the monitor did not came back
Fingerprint reader - AES1600 on usb
I seted up the backlight for my screen to 80% but afre log in it comes with 100% and than goes back to 80%
I checked 'dim dislpay when idle' - it is working but sometimes - I do nothing - and is it blinking back to normal backlight

:( What is not working - software stuff:
Confirm file operation in Gnome
Delete in gnome - if I delete in gnome it goes without notification into trash (press del button) - configrm_trash in gnome-editor is checked
move - if I accidently move a folder to an another it is moved without notification (it is happening sometimes with tachpad)
Sound in Skype - is says the sound device is used by another program/process (ver. from skype page .deb version 8.04+)

:confused: Interesting behavior
There is a switch (on/off) on the side of notebook to turn on wireless genaral - there is a switch on keyboard to turn on (fn + f8 ) - it is only on when I turn on both - how sould it work? I miss the point why shoud I turn on something 2 times?

:?: Not tested yet
Webcam, external monitor, e-sata, 3g

Thanks for Your advices,

May 12th, 2009, 01:24 PM
:) I moved to Ubuntu 9.04
(The behavior of the notebook is similar to r600)

What is working:
Bluetooth, network, wifi, sound, SD card reader, webcam
Skype - need to unistalled pulse audio

3g - need to recompile the kernel - working only if it is switched on at boot up time

What is not working:
Suspend and hibernate - problem with the screen - after suspend did not come back
Fingerprint reader - AES1600 on usb
external monitor

Not tested yet

July 23rd, 2009, 06:00 AM
finally with toshset 1.75 the 3g is working

toshset -3g on

wright now I need only a nice gui
(toshset-gui is nice but till now did not support 3g)