View Full Version : [ubuntu] Slender DVR

March 26th, 2009, 05:26 AM
Greetings all,

I am in the process of setting up a system for use as an DVR/HTPC/VCR etc etc. I have chosen to use Ubuntu Server, as it is easier for me to setup, install, and have running with the bare necessities to do the rest. My requirements:

Minimal use of space and memory.
Gnome/KDE/Xubuntu are not needed, as this is not a desktop environment. icewm seems to do quite well for the basics I need :)
Ability to 'administrate' remotely
SSH is useful for the command-line administration, but if I can setup VNC (and by extension the http/java VNC connection), then it will simplify the training I will need for the missus to use.
S-Video Out
The system has a GeForce MX440, so I can pipe the video out of there.

So far I have had a fair amount of luck in setting up the minimal items needed for X and networking. I start to run into issues when using VNC and the login info. My questions are:

1. On Ubuntu Server 8.0.4x, how do I setup a user to automatically login?

2. GDM/KDM seems kind of large. XDM seems to puke when I use it, and wont let me enter text. Is there another option to use with #1?

3. Is there a way to build .deb packages for the python installer for Freevo? I am more used to the "./configure; make; make install" routine, and some of the hoops I am reading for freevo make the install possible, but odd. Information I found at the following links:

4. Once I have Freevo setup and installed, is there a way to combine the auto-login to have it launched, and the "Freevo Shell" setup in X?

Hope I have not confused too much. Thanks in advance.