View Full Version : [ubuntu] please help ver8.10

March 24th, 2009, 03:52 AM
Hey all, i am new here on the forums and to the linux family. i am tired of windows . i just built a machine (the one i am on now) i wanted to download a distro of linux. a friend turned me on to linux,
to make a long story short i had the mem hole problem. I used the f6 and (all_generic_ide) code to allow me to run the live cd.

I have tried to download it, and it seems to be secsessful it prompts me to restart the computer, but then it goes to the busyybox error,

To give you an idea of my setup i have
amd 64x quad core
xfx geforce8200 mobo
8g ram
sata hdd

from what i understand in the posts that i have read i believe that it is a conflict with the kernal and the onboard graphics card.

if you have any imput please be specific. As i said this is the first time that i am using linux and i am not very familiar with it.