View Full Version : [xfce] XFCE SESSION management

March 22nd, 2009, 08:46 PM
Hi there..
Just bought a new acer aspire one,
loving it..
Recently installed xubuntu on it, and then afterwards upgrading to xubuntu netbook remix.

I have installed the "switch desktop" thing and now i want, and it works great, except for...

i really want my computer to make me chose wether i want to run a normal session or a netbook session, like the switch desktop does.. Can i add this to the session manager somehow (I cant find any session managers btw, and when i try to run "xfce4-session" nothing happens..

I also want to be prompted with the fusion-icon.. Or i just want the fusion icon to start up always, because the netbook thing doesnt go well with compiz...

Any help would be much appreciated..

BTW. i have been searching the forums and google for almost 2 hours now, no luch :(

Go Tux :P