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March 22nd, 2009, 12:51 PM
Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to Ubuntu and I'm lost with themes. When I look on www.gnome-look.org there's list on the left:

GTK 1.x
GTK 2.x
GDM Themes
Colour Schemes
Splash Screens
XMMS Themes
MPlayer Themes
Xine Themes
VLC Themes
GnoMenu Themes
X11 Mouse Themes
Topaz Brainstorm
Cairo-Clock Themes
Nautilus Scripts

I haven't a clue what to look in to get a theme for my installation or if I saw a theme in one of the categories what I would require to insall the theme. There's some really nice looking ones but I don't know were to start.

March 22nd, 2009, 05:15 PM
Start with GTK 2.x. This is were you will find themes for gnome.

Metacity is the default windows decorator, the thingy that put borders around application windows. So these themes basically change the shape and the color of borders.

Beryl (Emerald) is another windows decorator, with more fancy features. You must have Emerald installed to use these themes.

GDM Themes stands for Gnome Display Manager, which is basically the login screen window. So GDM themes changes the looks of the login screen.

Colour Schemes - When you change a theme, you can get different buttons, scrollbars etc, but this would change only the colors of any theme.

Splash Screens is a term used to describe an image that appears while a computer program is loading.

Compiz: is the thingy responsible for the fancy cube and other effects. I'm not sure exactly why there is this category, because it seems that there themes for Emerald, MyGtk2R and other stuff.

Desklets, Screenlets, XMMS Themes, MPlayer Themes, Xine Themes, VLC Themes, GnoMenu Themes, Cairo-Clock Themes are application specific themes.
Screenshots, Fonts, Cliparts, Icons : self-explanatory
Systemsounds: self-explanatory
X11 Mouse Themes: self-explanatory
Screensavers: self-explanatory
Topaz Brainstorm: ?
Nautilus Scripts: add-ons for Nautilus file manager
Maemo: ?

March 23rd, 2009, 08:50 AM
lovinglinux already explained most of the categories in gnome-look, but here are the reast:

GTK1: This is older version of GTK, you are not likely to need it (since most programs already use GTK2).

GnoMenu themes: GnoMenu is a gnome panel applet that creates a Windows Vista-like start menu on your panel. This section contains themes for it.

Topaz Brainstorm: Not themes at all, This is a project developing ideas for Gnome. You'll find mockup pictures and that kind of stuff here.

Maemo: User interface used on some Nokia internet tablets. This section contains themes and applications for those.

Other: like you probably guessed, everything that doesn't fall into any of the other categories goes here. lots of stuff, some even useful like panel backgrounds etc..

(Compiz & Emerald categories are pretty much the same, I don't know the reason for separating them. Both themes work with Emerald, although you might need to rename the Compiz theme files to .emerald)


The most important categories are GTK2 (to change how your programs look like), either Metacity or Emerald (to change how your window borders & titlebars look like) and Icons.