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March 19th, 2009, 09:09 PM
Hi, I have searched around and havenít found anyone with a similar problem I am having so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong forum or if this problem has been solved already. Iím still pretty new to Linux. I have an ASUS M50SA laptop. I originally had Vista Ultimate 32 bit installed and Ubuntu 32 bit installed by Wubi and it worked fine for months. Recently I noticed that Asus finally released 64bit drivers so I decided to wipe my hard drive and go Vista Ultimate 64bit. Vista installs perfectly and works fine, so I downloaded all the updates and after I got Vista working the way I like it I decided to reinstall Ubuntu..
Yes I need Vista still because I play games a lot.

So I went with Wubi again and it installed fine except for after the reboot. I get the bootloader, if I click normal boot, the system will do nothing but show a grey-white screen with tiny black lines moving from left to right and the hard drive is working. So I let it run for a while about an hour or so and the hard drive stops but the screen still showed this screen.

No matter how I install Ubuntu I get the same thing. Same with Kubuntu 64 bit. This also happends with no Vista installed on the system .
First I thought it was an ATI driver issue, but I think it maybe a 64 bit issue.

I just installed Fedora 8 32 bit and it installs perfectly and looks great. Of course I can get 64 bit Ubuntu to work in a Virtual Machine with Vmware but none of the games works well.. Sorry I love playing Scorched Earth.

On my desktop(asus p5b motherboard) I have 64 bit Vista working with 32 bit Ubuntu installed with Wubi and that works fine. I would love to keep everything 64 bit since my CPU is 64 bit and I have 4 gigs of Ram. I would like to use Ubuntu. I want to try the KDE desktop so Kubuntu looked cool, but if there is another distro that would work better Iím up to try it.

Iím not a totally newbie, doing some programming in terminal isnít out of the question. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and helps me with my plight..