View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install help, PC just stops?

March 17th, 2009, 05:20 PM
EDIT: Solvde, had to choose safe graphics option at startup.

I have just put together a new PC to use for server duty. Intel E5200, 2GB Ram, 1TB HD, DVD-RW and so on.

I installed debian server edition first but decided to go with ubuntu instead. I ran "zero pass" on the HD to cleanse it and I am now trying to install Ubuntu but this is what happens:

I put in cd, I choose to install ubuntu in the welcome screen. Another screen with an orange bar going back and forth runs for a while and then it fills up from left to right. Then the screen goes black and I can hear extensive HD and DVD activity for some time while screen black, but then it just stops and nothing appears.

I tried pushing the computers "power off"-button after some time and then the orange bar appears and it is filled with black color and the machine spits out the disc and then exits and powers down.

How can I fix this? :(