View Full Version : [ubuntu] Comp locked while updating, now won't boot

March 17th, 2009, 05:07 PM
I finally got into Ubuntu after dealing with the "Wubi will let you use Alt+NumPad chars when picking a password but then you can't use them to actually log in" issue.

Then I managed to get my broadcom card drivers working with ndiswrapper.

Then I saw the "262 updates available icon" so I clicked it and let it update itself. Meanwhile, I went about surfing the Ubuntu forums for how to get my comp to work with dual screens. My comp locked up solid. Mouse would still move the pointer, but that was it. No other response from any other stimuli (clicking, keyboard, etc... ). I let it sit there for a while... nothing. I ended up hard-restarting (holding power button for 5 sec) and rebooting. Now it's locking up and saying something about "Kernel panic" and not being able to mount a sector... and telling me to use Windows to run chkdsk... blah blah blah... I try all that, but my windows install is so shredded from a virus (hence switching to Linux) that it can't even stay running for more than 5 min without automatically shutting off at random, let alone the hour or two chkdsk seems to want to run for.

So my question is... any easy fix for this? If not, can I reinstall Ubuntu over itself if I installed it "inside windows"? If so, how would I go about doing this. (I don't care if it wipes it's own little partition but I don't want to wipe the whole drive).

Thanks everyone!