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March 16th, 2009, 09:01 PM

we are the school of limbe. some friends of bekoko wish to have internet with the cityphone (camtel). the phone is an huawei ets2258. it is connected to the computer with an usb cable the other end of the cable looks like a serial cable. we have no much time to test, we made a mail in the mailing list and we recieve the following mail

if you have the same problem as everybody, you will find your solution here,



but as far as i am concern you will have to plug your modem and firstly start your computer on windows before going to ubuntu and start wvdial to make your connection work.

that`s how i make everyday to work on ubuntu with my connection i have`nt yet find a solution to this problem
let us know if you find it

we test it but without result.
our phone is huawei ets2258

i have a question: what happens if we connect a serial cable direct from the computer to the phone: i suppose in the phone is a normal modem (may be i am wrong), i have no serial cable here, so i cannot test it. if it would work it would be a simple solution: just connect the phone as an external modem.

if somebody has another solution, please tell us

nous sommes des eleves de l'ecole liunx friends a limbe. des amis de bekoko voudrait avoir l'internet avec un cityphone de camtel. la marque du telephone est huawei ets2258. il est connecte au computer par un cable usb aloras que l'autre cote du cable nous semble etre un cable seriel. nou n'avons pas beaucoup de temps pour tester, nous avons deja envoye un mail sur la mailing liste et nous avons recu la reponse suivante (voir le mail en cursive plus haut)
nous avons essaye , mais sans succes.

une question? que se passe-t-il si nous connectons le computer et le telephone par un cable seriel: en supposant que le telephone a un modem seriel (je peux me tromper?) je n'ai pas de cable seriel ici, si jamais quelqu'un pouvait tester: si ca marchait, ce serait la solution la plus simple : il suffirait de se connecter avec un modem externe.

michel, alex