View Full Version : [ubuntu] LiteSpeed nterprise, PHP, mysql. Please help

March 16th, 2009, 08:53 PM
I downloaded litespeed enterprise, installed it. It's working. I clicked "yes" when it asked me to install php.
I think I might have installed php from the package manager too.

Well, I installed mysql server from package manager, then installed via terminal. then removed, then installed back again.

Now, my concern is that, LiteSpeed put php 4 on. And the MySql plugin was

Will php5-mysql work with php4?

Also, my MySql was never ever installedddd.. It never asked me for a password.

What's the default password? Or do you think I should install via source, then cd to the path. the run ./install.sh?

I uninstalled php from litespeed, then installed php5 with package manager, but it didn't work..
What would be my best?

1. "Yes, php5-mysql will work with php4 version. And the mysql pass is ______"
2. "Yes, uninstall everything. Install litespeed, don't allow it to install php4, thennn install php5 from package manager or ./install.sh, then install mysql server from ./install.sh and it will run config after?

What should I do. #1 or #1?
#1, please specify that php5-mysql qill work with php4 version, and give me the password to root on mysql.
If #2, tell me if it would be easier to download the zip files, then extract them, then run install.sh or just use package manager.

Someone please help me

Here is phpinfo