View Full Version : [all variants] updating APT offline

March 16th, 2009, 02:55 PM
Hi! I have Ubuntu installed on an offline computer and I have to update APT by manually downloading the package lists and renaming them according to /var/lib/apt/lists, then I create download scripts using Synaptic for the packages I want to install. Well, it works just fine, the lists are updated but now Update-manager tells me the last apt-get update was made "N" days ago...

Can someone tell me how to tell APT that the update was made recently instead of it thinking that it was made the last time I clicked Reload on the Update-manager?

I don't want to disable the warning for outdated package lists, I just want to know how can I set the date of the last update to the day I updated it offline...

Thank anyone who can help me ;)