View Full Version : [xubuntu] Error Message upon installation

March 16th, 2009, 05:55 AM

I have laptop that was dual booted with windows vista and ubuntu 8.10 and recently decided to uninstall ubuntu. After uninstalling it, I decided, for reasons not to get into here, to try some other linux systems including crunchbang and xubuntu, but unfortunately I keep getting error messages. So basically to give you the entire story, friday I ran the crunchbang live cd and it loaded up fine, I chose not to install it yet and just logged out and shut off my computer. Saturday I tried to load the live cd again and the cd drive starts to boot up, but after a few seconds it just freezes, a few minutes go by, and I get a bunch of error messages. I though it was an issue with the crunchbang cd so I decided to load up the xubuntu cd. The cd boots up fine and I tried to install it as a second operating system and within windows itself and it gets about 2 minutes into it and I get a bunch of error messages again. I dont remember the specific error messages so I guess if its necessary to figure out Ill have to try to install them again and write them in on here but if anyone could help that would be awesome.

Thanks much!