View Full Version : [ubuntu] [Great Success!] Wait.. uh.. 6.06 LTS -> 8.10 and "Issues"

March 15th, 2009, 11:20 PM
It did go successfully but some things that would turn a lot of casual Linux users away, probably not the ones with mild experience like the rest of us.

Canadian Archives - No more then 50KB/s and 1300 Packages from 8.04 -> 8.10 WTF!?! (5 Hour+ wait)

Now I know I should be patient it's free etc, but with maxing out my line I would of gotten 1.04MB/s now thats like 90x less the wait time.
Which would be say 80 Minutes, No problem, Since it takes 60 minutes to install any other large OS(Windows) it's not much of a big deal since you know it's lots of versions different, but it's damned annoying to sit and wait that long(I didn't actually stare at it for 4 hours though) with this is going on applications are becoming unstable so theres nothing to do, sometimes even the synaptic crashes or the connection to the ca.archive is terminated on their end which is kinda sad, you are finally at 1000 packages it craps out and you're back to 650 packages again it's like :(

This is fine I can get over it, but at the same time with each damn upgrade I had to fix my ATi driver over and over so I could actually do anything productive, forcing the res to change made it go all wacko.
And the one provided from Ubuntu screws up everything!
You try it every distro just to be sure and it screws the whole display up.
If it's useless don't promote it developers :(

Provide a link to the ATi driver download.
Now from 6.06 -> 8.04 my sound has worked, now it doesn't so now I'm downloading 23 more packages at 50KB/s (alsa) to see if I can fix it.
Why do you change stuff that isn't broken?
Anyways that's my little complaint, I hope developers can take my rants into consideration and make it less annoying to upgrade.

Edit: Now I see why, they changed from ESD to pulseaudio, But why? ESD worked fine :/
Only thing I liked about Ubuntu is it didn't fail on audio back when it first came out, way to fail.

March 16th, 2009, 12:04 AM
I quit using the Canadian servers because of low speeds. I now use the main server, it is usually much faster.


March 16th, 2009, 12:10 AM
You'll have to reinstall the ATi Driver after major upgrades on any OS because it would be built for the kernel you installed it on. Even upgrading for XP to Vista would require you reinstall the GPU drivers.