View Full Version : Counter strike 1.6 nonsteam/wine graphic

March 15th, 2009, 09:32 PM
Hi, so i have been using linux for well lets see half year tho i am still a bad linux used, anyways i used to play quite alot of fps games on windows, and now i do it on linux too , but it is alot harder as the fps is so low.

so i tough that i will ask here

So the problem : Low fps(frames per second)and under low i mean like 30-40(on windows it was around 100)
graphics card:ATI radeon 9200
distro: Ubuntu hardy 8.04

I have tryed to search some assistance from the irc, but i tough it will be easyer here :)
Oh and i can say few things i know are not the problem , well ATI drivers are working fine as far as i know.

If someone is willing to assist me thru msn ,please do.