View Full Version : [ubuntu] Periodic non-responsiveness with DiNovo bluetooth keyboard/mouse

March 15th, 2009, 08:32 AM
folks, I don't know if this a general issue or hardware issue but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. I have installed Ubuntu 8.10 and have attached the Logitech diNovo keyboard with mousepad built in (the "edge" model, not the new mini) that comes with a USB dongle. Now, the keyboard and many of the special keys like volume control work out of the box. I was able to pair it very easily and it responds well on boot up after about 5 seconds into the boot. When I use the keyboard/mouse for long periods about once very 45 minutes or sothe keyboard/mouse on this bluetooth keyboard will not respond at all. Everything is working and the separate Logitech USB wireless mouse I have attached still works, but the OS stops responding to the bluetooth keyboard/mouse entirely for about a minutes (could be 1.5 minutes) and then is normal again. Almost like the bluetooth service is busy or a queue is clearing. Its not a critical issue but it can get annoying as I wanted this to be the primary control device for this Ubuntu install. Can anyone give me any ideas (brainstorming is fine) as to why this is happening and if there are any suggestions of things I can try to reduce or remove this occasional irritance. Its a fantastic bluetooth otherwise. Again, since I have a separate "old fashioned" wireless mouse attached and it never "blinks out" in the same way, I'm fairly sure this issue is related to the bluetooth operation either hardware (seems unlikely) or the way that bluetooth messages from keyboard or mice are handled. Please feel free to correct any incorrect observations I may have and thanks all in advance for your ideas/advice.