View Full Version : [ubuntu] Shorewall, Squid, <dnscache>, Moblock, TorrentFlux

March 15th, 2009, 01:41 AM
Hey everyone,

Looking to run Shorewall, Squid on 80, <some sort of dnscache>, Moblock, TorrentFlux on my server with a standard int./ext. web facing/cable modem setup. Just wondering how complicated it is to get them up and running as google doesn't seem to bring much up. I am open to whatever alternatives are out there. Just want an IDS/IPS/TorrentFlux (or equiv)/Firewall-NAT interface/Squid/DNS cache..

Dont care what it is as long as its easy to maintain and secure **and blocklisting ip's works for torrents!!**. Just looking to get rid of bum router I have and put my intel atom to use- cost effective way to have gig switch & wifi-n

an ips that blocklists rogue ip's from general exploit attacks would be great. I used to have a clarkconnect 3.x box and it did everything i needed, but I'd like to do it on ubuntu.