View Full Version : [all variants] setting up a web accessable cluster. help?

March 14th, 2009, 09:47 PM
Hi everybody,
Sorry in advance if this is not in the appropriate section... Not quite sure it could go under a few sections...

Just wondering if i could get help and opinions on setting up quite a complicated network. Here's what I kind of want to do.

I have one AMD (?not sure what speed but its slow?) gateway machine with 128megs ram and two gigabit cards. This machine im looking to set up as a general webserver.

I have an old dell lattitude cpi intell 266 with 64 megs of ram, which i want to use as a firewall.

I have a dell inspiron intel dual core 2.66 with 2gb ram. I want to use this as a desktop and as a master node of a cluster.

And I have two PlayStation3 I want to use for storage and as dumb computing nodes.

To connect all this i have a 16port gigabit network switcher.

So thats all the hardware of the network. The parts I need help with are with software and basic set up of the hardware to make them act as an integrated unit. The other goal im hoping for with this is that i can add more PS3 node as needed without having to redo the entire network..

Im also hoping to have the cluster accessible from the web if possible. So any ideas to get the most from these would be great!! The pic at the bottom is the end goal but at the moment i just need a solid demo before i can get funding.

Thanks for any help

Your friendly neighbourhood necromancer,