View Full Version : [ubuntu] internet gateway/web server computer: can it also be used as OpenVPN server?

March 14th, 2009, 02:21 AM
I have this one Ubuntu computer which has become my sandbox/virtual playground of sorts. As a fairly recent Ubuntu/Linux convert, I have been having some fun with what the OS lets me do. This particular computer has the following details:

Runs Ubuntu Hardy
Serves as the Internet Gateway for my network (through Firestarter)
Serves as the Router with some filtering (Firestarter + IPblock)
Serves as a webhost (LAMP)
....and other uses such as games, encoding work, printing, etc.

I was planning to install FTP on it so that I could access my computer remotely. However, I came across OpenVPN and got interested in it. So I've decided to forego FTP-server installation in favour of installing OpenVPN.

So my question, is it possible to run an OpenVPN server in a computer that is already the gateway of the network as well as a webhost?