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March 12th, 2009, 06:11 PM

I've just been made the manager of a vocalist. Amongst other things I need to produce/edit Videos of the performances, and record the songs and music. I also need to line up gigs. And sell/distribute CDs and DVDs.

Needless to say, I have _no_ experience in the music industry, and very little experience doing that type of editing/production.

I've googled various things, but trying to sift out the good from the bad isn't working. (One example: _The Physics of Sound_ One review says it is a must have, because it covers everything needed for recording. Another review says it is a waste of money because it is so badly organised, and omits so much information.)

I just need some good starting points.


What material would you recommend I study, to do an adequate job?

The vocalist sings/performs Gospel music, Hymns, and Jazz. Basically, wants to do weddings,and similar social functions. Any pointers to what to read/study, to help me find gigs of this type?

What software would you recommend I use to edit the music on the computer. (The music is going to be created on a Yamaha Motif ES6, and an electronic piano from Yamaha.)

What software would you recommend I use to edit the videos of the performances?


I don't know if it makes a difference, but about a decade ago they turned down a recording contract with at least one of the major labels.


I currently use Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit version. 8 GB RAM. No sound card. No graphics card. AMD Athalon 64 bit chip. 1 TB external drive.